Top 3 Ways to Keep the Animals out of your Trash in Lake Tahoe

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Nature is right out side the door in Lake Tahoe

Remember that we share the habitat with the animals in Lake Tahoe

Living in a special place like South Lake Tahoe there are so many perks and benefits we can all enjoy. Clean air, crystal clear lakes and an abundance of nature literally out our backdoors’.  But, living in this special area also takes special precautions to protect the animals and their habitat which we share with them.  That’s right. We the humans share the habitat with the animals. Here are the top 3 ways (and a few extra personal tips) to keep the animals out of your trash like a local.

1. Don’t put your trash out until the trash man comes in the morning. Yes, it is much more convenient to take the trash out the night before and sleep in while the trash man does his route. However, it is far less convenient ( and much more irritating) to pick up what’s left of your scattered trash all over your neighborhood. This is the sign of the undocumented vacation home or those un-wise to the ways of the Tahoe lifestyle. Not cool.

2. Consider spraying your trash bags and trash cans with Pine-Sol .

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Pine-Sol Keeps Racoons out of the Trash in Lake Tahoe

This is especially true if you know your trash will be extra stinky that week. Raccoons HATE Pine-Sol and it is one sure fire way to make sure those hungry critters don’t pop off the trash lids and rip into your trash bags. This will also help detour other animals by masking any food smell with a fresh piney sent instead!

3. Get a Bear Box.

Bear box is useful in Lake Tahoe

Bear Boxes discourage Bears from becoming Dependent on Humans

The only full proof, Tahoe tested way to prevent animals from getting into the trash is a bear box.  Tahoe Bear Box offers a variety of bear boxes in styles and colors to met everyone’s style and needs. Also vacation homes and new construction now require them, so why not hop on board? If you have a bear box…then you can dismiss all these other tips!

Here is a final but very important local’s tip for you: Don’t bait the bears! Or any other animal.  And by this I mean don’t leave and food in your car.  Every year a handful of people have their cars and homes broken into buy hungry hungry bears looking for a snack.

Last year, at our Meyers office, we had a bear rip off our large and heavy front door looking for food when a lazy road tripper left their fast food garbage next to our front door. Bears are very strong and can cause a ton of damage. Think ahead and secure your trash.

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Leaving food in your car will attract Bears.

Leaving trash out and feeding wild animals teaches them to rely on humans for survival and encourages them to break into homes in search of food.  Make sure your trash cans are secure and also have a tight fitting lid and do your part to live peacefully with the animals that we share the environment with.

So what’s the lesson here?  “Don’t Bait the Bears”