Top 5 Beaches at Lake Tahoe

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There’s never a dull moment in Lake Tahoe Real Estate.  But our Century 21 Realtors know that everyone needs to get out and enjoy the sun! With each change of the season comes a whole new wardrobe and a whole new set of sports and activities. While it seemed liked winter would never end, it has, and with the end of winter everyone is heading outdoors!

With so many options to choose from it can be hard trying to decide where to spend your allotted fun in the sun time. But here’s an idea; spend a day at a Lake Tahoe Beach!

Lake Tahoe Kiva Beach,

A day at the Beach is the perfect way to spend the Day!

While this seems obvious it can be hard to decide which beach is really the best choice for you or the group.   Here is the real deal and the top 5 beach picks for a day of fun in the sun

1. Pope Beach Located off highway 89, is perfect for those who need to have their vehicle near them or have people with limited mobility in the group.  Parking is $7 dollars for the day but the lot provides ample parking just steps from the sand, clean well maintained bathrooms, picnic benches and barbeques  for everyone to use.  There are no dogs allowed at Pope Beach so make sure to leave your furry friends at home. For those who want to ditch their car and hit the road, take the bike trail from the “Y” area and enjoy the ride along with your fellow cyclist.


2. Kiva Beach If spending a day at the beach without your beloved four legged friend sounds unimaginable then you’re in luck.

Kiva dog beach South Lake Tahoe, Dog Friendly Beach

Kiva Beach is Dog Friendly for Dogs and their Owners

While many of the beaches of Lake Tahoe do not allow dogs, there are still a handful of places that eagerly welcome your furry companion.  Kivia Beach located off hwy 89 has a beach dedicated to dogs and their owners.  Parking is free and you and your dog can romp in the sand in water. This is a very popular place for dogs so owners please make sure to pick up after your pet with the pet waste bags provided by the city.


3. Nevada Beach Looking for a place where you can crack a beer and let your hair down?  Then head over to Nevada Beach located off Elks Point Road near Safeway in Roundhill.  This beach is located near a camp ground and although dogs are not allowed on the entire beach there is a small area that is dog friendly.  From this beach you can take in the grand views of Mt. Tallac and Heavenly Ski resort.  This beach allows alcohol but remember to be responsible when drinking in the sun at high altitudes and stay safe!


4. Zephyr Cove Beach Want to play (or watch) some beach volleyball?

Volleyball, Zephyr Cove, Lake Tahoe Beach,

Head to Zephyr Cove Beach for a Volleyball match.

Head over to Zephyr Cover Beach and enjoy one of the livelier beaches on the south shore.  Here at Zephyr Cove you can rent a boat, Jet Ski, kayak…or just sit and relax on the beach!  Zephyr Cover is unique in that it also has a campground near it but it is also a resort featuring everything you could possible need from that forgotten beach town to a cabin to rent. There is alcohol allowed on the beach but no glass. Make sure to clean up after your day of fun for the next person to enjoy. You can pay $8 for parking or (like many people do) park your car off the paved road along highway 50 and walk down to the beach.



5. Sand Harbor

Sand harbor Lake Tahoe

Sand Harbor is a must see Beach.

To catch Lake Tahoe in all of it’s majestic glory head to Sand Harbor located on the East shore of Lake Tahoe off of highway 28. Make sure to enjoy the views of magnificent homes and estates sprinkled along the shoreline as you make the drive in. Being one of the very few sandy beaches on the East Shore of Tahoe, it is only fitting that the sand here is so soft and white it will make you think you are on a tropical island.  Sand Harbor is famous for the picturesque rocks that dot the shoreline and makes for an ideal snorkeling spot.  The rocks submerged in the water are a treat for the experience and beginning snorkeler.  Sand Harbor is a state park and requires $8 dollars for parking.  There are no dogs allowed at Sand Harbor beach. Make sure to take your camera for this one!


And those are the Top 5 Beach picks for Lake Tahoe. But remember  these are just a few of the favorite beaches to catch some rays around Lake Tahoe.  There are plenty more beautiful beaches so get out there and explore! Don’t forget your sunscreen and make sure to enjoy the best of the Tahoe lifestyle.